Join The Family! A Ridgecrest Story

Ronnie Corley
Cell: 760-382-7664
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  • -Consistently one of Ridgecrest's top-producing agents
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  • -Has helped many new transfers to Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake
  On May 5, 1976 our USMC family of 3 elementary school age children arrived in Ridgecrest to begin what was supposed to be a two year tour for my helicopter test pilot husband. We had led a rather nomadic life being transferred every few years from one coast to the other. Since my husband had just returned from his second tour in Viet Nam, the family was willing to follow him anywhere, even to the "end of the earth." We had never lived in a small town before and were overwhelmed with the absence of freeway and train noise, beautiful starry nights featuring the Milky Way, and the sincere friendliness of the people. As we moved in, neighbors brought all kinds of food, asked our children to play, and instructed us on the proper way to utilize a "swamp" cooler. This welcome was the beginning of a giant change in our lives that culminated with my career pilot husband leaving the USMC to be able to remain in Ridgecrest to raise our 3 children!  After 43 years later, we have never regretted this decision. The relationships we have made over the years are cemented in shared experiences with others that have found themselves in similar circumstances, away from family and yet looking for the family connection. We have found it here in our beloved Ridgecrest, a true oasis in the desert!  Our 3 children have graduated from our highly accredited high school and various California universities with the following vocations: Brandy is a mechanical engineer, Sherry is a CPA, and Liam is a doctor of American Literature! They are all married and have blessed us with 7 grandchildren! We get together as often as possible and still enjoy family vacations when possible. We took an Alaska cruise together that was unforgettable and a few years ago we rented a house on the beach of Kauai.

In 1989 another change in the course of my life occurred. From my husband I received a real estate correspondence course! Talk about surprised and shocked!! With all the children gone from home I needed somebody to take care of. With a natural ability to establish one-on-one relationships and sales, my husband thought this would be the perfect outlet and he was right! I have been a realtor for over 30 years now and truly love it. My husband Bill was a custom home contractor for 13 years and is currently the pastor of Crossroads Community Church.  I am continually attending classes and seminars and have attained the designations of Graduate of Residential Institute, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified New Homes Specialist, Certified Distress Property Expert, Certified Agent for Real Estate Investors, and Broker. I was voted 1999 Realtor of the Year by my peers. 95% of the business I do is from referrals from past clients, friends, and business associates. We have created caring relationships in the past that have continued  to the present.

Surrounded by mountains on all sides, Ridgecrest is virtually a location unto itself. We are 1 1/2 hours from another major city (and shopping!) with nothing in between. Still, in 3 hours you can be skiing in Mammoth, sunning on the beach, or visiting Disneyland! And then have the pleasure of returning to our quiet town afterwards! Ridgecrest has grown over the years from one lonely stop sign to a mini regional center filled with traffic signals. Old timers joke that 4 cars at a signal is a traffic jam! It can take 10 minutes to transverse the borders of town! We boast a Walmart Supercenter, Home Depot, Marshalls, Famous Footwear, Joann Fabrics, Cerro Coso Community College (has a great LVN program) and numerable sports activities for children and adults alike. Since we have 320 sunny days a year, biking (mountain, road, and dirt), running (or walking), and organized activities like soft ball are prevalent. I welcome you all to the family here in Ridgecrest!